Saturday, July 4, 2015

A lot can happen in a day!

We started the day experiencing the sights and sounds of the hills around our hotel in Kasese.  Nature had a dimmer switch and slowly the world around us was waking up.

We drove to the school with a brief stop in Bwera to get drinks and try our luck at the cash machine - all were successful.  We arrived at the school by 10:00 am and the program began.  It was so good to see Nelson & Robina, along with teachers and students who were familiar.  As well I got to meet new teachers and students.  The community had come out to participate and the COBRA organization members.  As the morning rolled along many more from the community gathered to see what was happening.

We first received a tour of the school to show the progress that had been made.  They are trying to build on the agriculture program at the school and have purchased another plot of land behind the school to achieve that.

The basics of the latrines have been built and the finishing touches will be addressed over the next year.

The choir and other school groups performed for us.  Mr. Allen joined in and this was awesome as it encouraged others to get up as well.  You can see Robina (teacher & school bursar) enjoying the dance (sorry about the tree in the photo).

There was an art exchange with the students at Hillsboro Elementary School and our school (MLSS).  Hillsboro gave each student at MLSS a friendship bracelet along with books, art and journals about themselves.  Mr. & Mrs. Allen put a bracelet on each of the students.  The MLSS students provided art and crafts that can be brought back to the school in Hillsboro.

...that was just the morning.  The next post I will tackle the afternoon!  After I return I am going to have access to many more photos...great photos that I will share with you on the PODA website.

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