Saturday, July 4, 2015

Queen Elizabeth Park Here We Come

We are off to spend a couple of days in Queen Elizabeth Park.  After leaving Kasese, we made our first stop at the equator sign. 

Once in the park, after a detour to get park entrance requirements - always a little extra something to take care before the fun begins!  The delay ended up being well worth it as we came upon a herd of elephants on the road to the lodge.  I was in the very back seat so photo taking was not great but I will post more once we share photos.  We unknowingly had got in between them and we heard a very large growl from one of them.  This got our attention - he or she was warning the others of our arrival.  There was a baby with them so you really needed to stay back so we stopped the car and waited for them to pass.

A kingfisher - one of over 600 recorded birds species in the park.

Water buffalo hanging by the water's edge on a hot day with their friend the egret.

The mighty hippo.

Today we saw more crocodiles out of the water than in the water.

The majestic eagle

Mr. Baboon - he gets respect.

The eagle has landed.

We headed back to lodge to enjoy an evening of dinner and great conversation.  We covered the gamut - education, societal pressures, parenting, food and the list goes on.

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