Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mpondwe Lhubiriha Secondary School Part Two - An Afternoon of Music, Dance & Smiles

Just before lunch we were entertained by the Tailoring Class.  They performed a song and dance.  Each of the pieces of music that we've heard today have been written specifically for our visit.  The lyrics are giving thanks to the work and support that PODA has given to the school and the community.  The Tailoring Class is now about twenty four in number and are comprised of young women who did not complete their formal schooling and are now learning tailoring as a vocation.

David was in the thick of it, having fun with the students.  They love to see photos and videos of themselves - lots of laughter as they scanned through the photos on David's phone.

This is a photo of Nellie, the son of Nelson & Robina.  Nelson is the Director of the school and Robina is a teacher as well as the bursar.  He is growing up fast and is no longer the shy boy I met last year!

After lunch Mr. Allen, Mr. & Mrs. Gleason and Mr. Sly taught a class to the students.  They rotated between the classes so that all of the students were able to benefit from this experience.

We headed back to Kasese for the evening and before sunset enjoyed the view of the Rwenzori Mountains, then very quickly the light faded and you were left with the beautiful sounds of nature.

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