Monday, July 6, 2015

Mweya to Marguerita

We were up early to witness another beautiful sunrise and enjoy the perfect temperature that the morning brings.  This is the sunrise from the Mweya Lodge. 

We headed into Kasese and on the way we checked out some other accommodation options.  I am always curious how far or close the website version of a hotel compares to the real live version.  We were satisfied that Hotel Marguerita was the place for us.

We met up with Nelson in Kasese at the Jambo Café so we could do some supply shopping for our next two days at the school.  It was around 30 degrees with a whole lot of humidity.  The Jambo Café is a great little respite from the heat.

Back at the hotel and time to cool down and do some planning for tomorrow.  The veranda offers just the right mix of shade and view.

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