Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Getting things started

This trip it felt like we got a lot of things started.  Now that they know me it is possible to sit and have conversations in Uganda about projects and ideas...and then finish them long distance via email and money transfer if applicable.

The day started with us stopping in Kasese to pick up mosquito nets for the students and the teachers.  This has been something they identified on their need list and something we could do immediately and it definitely brought cheers and smiles from everyone.

After the first photo I said you all look so serious so they lightened up and became themselves again!

It did not take them long to get the nets set up in their dorms. 

Angela & John spent time with the students in the late morning talking about journal writing and brain stormed what you could use a journal for.  I showed them how to make their own journal.  After making the journal they used some of the art supplies we had brought to decorate the covers as well they had time to write in the journals.

In between these activities we also packaged up all the records that had been painted and I had arranged to have the sewing machine repair person to come.  He is giving each of the machines a tune up.  I am still intrigued by the pattern making so took this photo to remember it by.

We had the help of two of the teachers that were familiar with computers to start putting the school newspaper on the computer.  They are using Publisher and Angela reviewed with them the concept of editing and how important it will be to teach to the students involved in the newspaper about editing.  Many of their contributions were quite long so editing will be necessary.

We were treated to a walk through the community just before leaving for the day.  It was a hot one but it is great for visitors to get an 'on the ground' look at the area around the school.

Back to the hotel in Kasese for a final evening before an early start back to Kampala in the morning.

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