Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Day at School

Monday was another early departure so we could stop in Bwera for some supplies and still get to the school in Mpondwe by 9:00 am.  We arrived a little late which ended up being a little early in the whole scheme of things as the program was delayed an hour or so.  We had an amazing day of music, dance, sports and games with the students, teachers & community.

The community came out to watch the celebration.
The young children dancing to the music.
With our waiting time we introduced the students to several games and that allowed us to get to know them in a less formal, fun way.  The weather was overcast in the morning so it was perfect for the start of our day at the school.  Later in the day we presented them with the soccer uniforms that were donated by the Bays United Football Club.  I pulled one out of the bag and they exploded in cheers and clapping.  When I said there were 24 in total they erupted with applause!

The smile say it all!
We also received a donation of 20 soccer balls from Nike - what a day for soccer at the school.  Despite the heat, the last hour of the day was spend playing soccer with the students.

A great day to end a fanatic day.
Each evening we have been having dinner together and part of our conversation is our high and low for the day.  It has been a great way to remember the day together.

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