Saturday, July 23, 2016

The People You Meet

This trip was about connections:

Joffrey - a young student I met on the flight from Amsterdam to Entebbe, via Kigali.  He just finished his engineering degree in the US and was heading home.  A great conversation about the transformation of Rwanda.

Victoria - Biomass Briquettes - Uganda - looking to start a business with her.

Edie - Slow Food International, Slow Food Uganda, 10,000 Gardens in Africa - school garden & community gardens are just around the corner for us.

Fred - J.E.E.P. - fuel efficient institutional sized stoves - will be installing one in the school within the next month or so.

Todd - he visited us from Kigali, Rwanda, a friend of David's originally from Portland.  Interesting to hear how Rwanda is developing.

Students from BYU - can't remember their names at the moment, both working on creating science experiments that can be used in rural Uganda without a huge science lab.  They may be visiting Victoria in August!

Henry - Nelson's friend from Katwe, so knowledgeable and willing to share information about the environment with the teachers.

Kevin - from Huntington Beach, CA - working a documentary about Malaria - the forgotten epidemic.  He had amazing videos on wildlife that he shot - it was like going to the movies every night.

James & Michael - brothers from near Mount Elgin. James, a young doctor, is working with Kevin and others to build a medical clinic in his small town.  Michael is a long haul driver.  We had two amazing dinners & conversations with Kevin, James, Michael, Ali, Linda & myself.  At one point they were telling us about the things that happen in Uganda, they were all laughing and both Linda and I had jaws that were dropping and faces of disbelief.

Kate - working on her Masters in Africa but also volunteering at Unite for the Environment -Uganda.  It is a program that brings conservation education to schools.

Ali - our driver, no scrap that, our friend.  He has taught us so much about Uganda.

...and I still have the flight home!

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