Saturday, July 23, 2016

Catch the Wave

We are spending some time looking at the big picture and how the plan for the school grounds is evolving.  Obtaining good water is always an issue and also a cost.  We have decided to move the water tank, as well as elevating it.  There will be room for another tank if that fits the budget in the future.  As well we are adding gutters to the other school building, the latrine and the kitchen.  All these buildings have metal roofs so they will be able to help with water catchment.

We have four water barrels that can be used on the latrine and the kitchen.  This water can be used for hand washing and cleaning dishes.  We would also like to install an outdoor sink so the students have a better place to wash dishes and clothes….if this is a success we will post pictures next week!

The tippy taps that we introduced last year are still being used.  Nelson indicated that many of the neighbours and members of the community have also installed these at their homes.

We have found that all the planning we do ahead of time is required and useful but when we get here we must be extremely flexible.  You must let go of the desire to push ahead with the things ‘we’ thought were important and go with what is really addresses the immediate needs of the school, with an eye to the long term vision.

At the end of the day we pile everyone that needs a ride into the van and head off, dropping people along the way.  Nelson, Bosco and Robert getting a ride into Bwera!

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