Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Teachers

There are nine teachers at the school.  We were able to meet and get know eight of them as one is away right now as she is quite ill.  We had individual meetings with each of the teachers and also group meetings to talk about salaries, responsibilities and general discussions around what is working and what is not.

Linda did professional development with the teachers. The students were writing mid-terms during the week so this gave teachers a bit of free time to take part.  As well there was a full day workshop on a Saturday.

Moris - History & Commerce
Rocklace - Kiswahili, Fine Art & Music
Isaac - Biology & Computer
Geofry - Math & Physics
Constance - Biology & English
Sabiti - Biology & Chemistry
Johnstone - Geography & C.R.E.
Ellen - Head Teacher (Principal) & Agriculture

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