Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Early to rise - off to school.  We arrived around 9:00 am today and our first task was to meet our new goat.  We have named the goat Obomaisy (sp) which means 'to give life' in Swahili.  The amazing part was that it was determined after she was purchased that she was pregnant.
Our friend Obomaisy
Linda, Laura, Mark & Aaron were working with the students all morning.  This first day the students were pretty shy as they were just getting to know us.  James, Nelson, David & I went over to Bwera Secondary School that has one of the stoves we are considering purchasing for the school.  It is on a much larger scale as this school feeds about 1800 students per day.  It was good to see them using it and we were able to ask questions of the cooks about how they liked it.

This pot is about 3 feet across

The end of the day brought us back in the van heading to the hills around Bwera to deliver a goat.  Nelson lead the way with Obobmaisy on a poda poda (motorcycle.)

Obomaisy going to her new home
When we arrived at the village, we presented the goat to the family.  There were extremely grateful and gave us some ground nuts as a gift.  We have had the ground nuts roasted in the kitchen where we are staying so we can enjoy them together.

The family that received the goat today.

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