Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Sun - the M.L.S.S. Newsletter

When I visited last year the students had asked about doing a school newsletter.  It was one of those things we did not get to so I definitely wanted to make it happen this year.  Aaron met with all the students in the first week and brainstormed with those groups about what a newsletter is and what they might want to include in a newsletter.  At the beginning of the second week  I met with eight students and started the process of creating the newsletter.

Students reading the first newsletter.

We talked about the content, the layout and of course the name.  They chose the name 'The Sun' as it represented the statement 'Our school enables us to shine and grow'.  After a few meetings we had nailed down the layout and everyone had their assignments and the amount of space for their information.  This first newsletter is 8 1/2 x 11 and one sided.

Students reading the school newsletter
At the beginning of the last week we had edited the content and had a draft.  They made a few adjustments and were happy with the final copy.  I was able to do the layout on Publisher and then had it printed.  The teachers and students received a copy and there were additional copies for distribution in the community.  The students chose to write about how much they love their school and what it means to be a student at M.L.S.S.

I have a date with them for the third week of September - they will send me their content and I will put together the second newsletter for them from Canada.

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