Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Simba to Queen Elizabeth Park

We had our final dinner at Simba together and of course our high and low for the day.  What a great way to capture the day and also learn about each other.  We were off at the usual time to head to Mweya Lodge for one night.  Internet has been a challenge but in the whole scheme of things a good lesson in patience.

The first stop in the morning is at the Equator sign to take photos.

Aaron & Mark

Laura & Mark

As we drove to the official gates of Queen Elizabeth Park, there was a chance we would see some animals.  Well we were not disappointed – elephants.  I was also able to catch a shot of a baby elephant, a little hazy on this hot day but cute none the less.

Up close & personal

We settled in and after lunch we had a boat trip on the Kazinga Channel.  This is the channel that connects Lake George and Lake Edward. Lake George is totally within Uganda and Lake Edward is 80% in the Congo and 20% in Uganda. 

Here's looking at you


Teenage Hippos
Heading out for night fishing

We watched a lion and a buffalo have a stand off.  The lion would sit down and buffalo would move forward.  The lion would stand up and move on a bit, sit down.  They would just look at each other for a while.  This continued until finally the lion just moved on.  The guide said they were both old and neither wanted to fight!  Dark photos ---sorry.

Trying to co-exist
I am out of here.

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