Saturday, July 23, 2016

Water catchment & Composting - almost done!

Water catchment is finished.  The tap is on the other side and there is a trench that flows away from the tank and it is lined with gravel to avoid a mess in the rainy season or just from regular spills.  A jerry can is able to easily fit under the tap and does not have to be lifted at all.  As well a hose at the top of the tank is being affixed so when there is overflow (a certainty in the rainy season), it can flow into the garden area and hopefully into another tank when we have the budget for it.

There were left over bricks from a few projects so a new composting/garbage area has been created.  The composting area will come in handy when the 10,000 Gardens in Africa project starts in August.  Unfortunately too much plastic has crept into the lives of those in Bwera.  One of these bins will be used to store this and in the meantime we need to find a way to use less plastic and/or recycle it.  There are no local alternatives so it will be a research project for my 2017 visit!

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