Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Linda and I have been back at the school for a couple of days and it has been a whirlwind.  Before I tell you all those stories I wanted to share the kindness that has come our way.

Our driver Ali has been beyond amazing. He is always taking care of us by letting us know the customs, the reasons things are happening a certain way and by checking on how everyone is doing. Besides being an excellent driver, he is shown himself to be a natural teacher. His time at the school has been spent working with the students as well as sitting in on discussions.  His input has been valuable. After our friend Todd left to go back to Kigali, he followed up with him without us even thinking about it, to make sure he had a safe journey. His wife Zubedah came and stayed with us on Saturday & Sunday. On our way to airport on the trip home we will stop at their home to meet their son Abraham!

At Simba Safara Camp the staff is outstanding. The kitchen staff takes care of us each day with great food and also adjusting meals so they are smaller or have certain things we like. Breakfast is now fresh fruit, toast (homemade bread) and coffee. Dinner is always a surprise. They have been making delicious soup each night with dinner. The beet soup was our favorite - we have asked for a repeat. The cook is a young women who always has a smile! They love to hear about our day and they let us know what new guests have arrived.

Rita (cook - 2nd from left) & her Fab kitchen staff

Charles & Vincent

The manager James has been a treat to work with. Nothing is impossible.  If he is going to Kasese, he is happy to pick something up. When I needed a lesson on using a voltage meter, he got his staff member who works with the solar to show me. If we need information on a local place, he knows it and can help us make a connection.  His staff is so good because he does such a great job.

James & Linda

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