Monday, July 4, 2016

The Village Walk

On Sunday morning we were up and out by 8:15 am.  Our driver Ali is amazing.  He had spent the evening and morning looking for a new tire - not an easy feat on a Saturday night or Sunday morning in this region.  We traveled to Bwera town to meet up with Nelson.  Nelson is the main contact PODA has in Uganda and he is also the Director of the school that PODA built.

We walked through a number of villages during the morning and early afternoon.  We always had an entourage of children following us.

Nelson had identified villagers that were most in need and we brought gifts of rice and water for them.  We came to one village where that week a women's goat had been stolen.  She is a widower and also has HIV.  The milk that the goat provided was vital to keep her and her family healthy.  On the spot our group decided that a new goat would be purchased for her.  It will be delivered to her likely on Tuesday.

A family receiving our group

Beautiful children were everywhere.

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