Friday, July 8, 2016

Goodbyes - Stories - Memories

It is hard to summarize the impact of the last few days.  The students wrote down their stories - they were very revealing and heartbreaking.  They loved the photography sessions and learning about depth of field, leading lines, pattern & addition to taking photos of their friends.  The high energy interactive classes that taught them about critical thinking, the water cycle and perspective were a challenge well received.

Today was the last day at the school for the whole group.  Linda and I will be back for two more weeks.  It was hard for everyone to say goodbye as they are just starting to get to know the students.  It has been the beginning of a friendship that will be hard to continue because of distance but also due to poor or complete absence of the internet.

Members of the sewing class
The sewing class is open to women and also girls who may not have completed their studies at school.  We will be discussing a project with them next week that will have them sewing uniforms for all the students in the school.  Monies have been donated to purchase all of the fabric to make this happen - thank you to the Ideba team!

A beautiful child of one of the women in the sewing class
We said our final goodbye to the students and they were so disappointed that people were leaving.  One of the students piped up and said 'Since this is your last day, could you stay overnight at the school?'.  In light of how much fun we had at the end of the day yesterday, we created another 'sports afternoon' from about 3:00 - 4:30.  There were groups playing soccer, volleyball, frisbee and lacrosse.  Others were watching, sitting under the trees and there was lots of smiles & laughter.  This relaxed atmosphere encouraged great conversations and allowed us to see personalities show through.

The lacrosse stars!

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