Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Three Shirt Day!

Rodgers arrived and I recognized him from three years ago and we were quickly off on our afternoon of technology.  Just as we were leaving the parking lot, a women shouted from the restaurant patio 'Are you Barb Gordon'.  That was a shock.  Here was Katherine Lucey, founder and CEO of Solar Sister.  She is staying at the same hotel as me.  Solar Sister is a US based non-profit registered in Rhode Island and Katherine is on one of her frequent trips to Africa.  We are planning to meet this evening.

Onward with our first stop at the ATM to get money, second to get a mobile hot spot device at ORANGE and then to MTN for a phone re-activation and to acquire more air time.  Rodgers was a big help, making things a lot easier.

Ritah at the Solar Sister office
Final stop - the Solar Sister office to pick up the solar lanterns.  Today is not regular work day but Ritah came in since I really only had today (Saturday) to pick them up before heading to Bwera tomorrow.  She showed me the range of other products they have including some of their village systems.

Oh yes the three shirt reference - it is amazingly hot today.  Traffic was very slow and backed up all over town.  You sit in the car and just get hotter and hotter.   Rodgers even said 'there has been too much sun'.  It has not rained since November so they are hoping for rain soon.
Back at the hotel to take a break in the shade.  Simon, who was on the school construction team and who has been our local maintenance person for the solar system (he is an electrician) is coming by around 5:00 for a visit.  Rodgers and I are off at 6:30 am tomorrow to try to beat the heat on our long drive to Bwera so it will be an early night.

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  1. so glad all is going well...a few little miracles (coincidences already!!!) great blog. k xxx