Tuesday, March 11, 2014

To Bead or Not to Bead?

The question ended up being  -  How do I get them to stop? The day started off with an introduction to paper bead making.  Of course the students picked it up in no time and were off to races.  After almost three hours of making beads I had pry them away.  The beads were varnished and will take a day or so to dry.  We will be back to bracelet, necklace and earring making on Friday.

Even Nelson, COBRA director, was making beads today.

We had to add another table as students wanted
to spread out and perfect their skills!

The afternoon was spent meeting with the Head Teacher and the Deputy Head Teacher.  After getting the lowdown on how the school staff is organized and their corresponding responsibilities, I introduced them to the idea of having the students divided into five school teams or groups.  They liked that the teams would be multi–grade.  We brainstormed on how this would work for their school.  We also put together a student documentation system which we will finish up this week.  This is something they need to perfect for the school to get full accreditation.  Documentation systems – perhaps a little boring – but I am loving it!
I rounded out the day by meeting with the student council.  They were shy to start but once they got started they were a delight.  So many ideas, so serious about their needs, and so inspiring. 

Back at Farmland, time for a shower and I think I am getting fish & chips tonight.  The cook tells me each morning what he plans to make me for dinner. 

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