Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Perhaps for Women Only?

The cloth menstrual pad project is really taking off.  As I mentioned in a previous blog, projects move along a bit, sometimes have a setback and then seem to gain momentum again.  I have felt that in the past two days a fire has been lit under this one.  The right combination of people, understanding and motivation has made this work.

On Monday, Robina (burser) and Loice (sewing teacher) met with many of the girls in the school to discuss the idea of cloth menstrual pads.  Probably 95% of the girls cannot afford to buy pads so they are left to use rags or cloths.  This is far from ideal and interrupts their studies every month as they are not comfortable coming to class.

I put together and brought an instruction binder on how to make a pad holder and a heavy day pad and light day pad.  I also brought with me some fabric to help with the project.  There are a ½ dozen girls who are going to ‘test drive’ the first set of pads made.  We are going to get their feedback and improve the design with any recommendations.  Today a good start was made on sewing the pads and they will be ready to distribute in the next day or so.

After meeting with the COBRA board today one of the female Directors approached me about her bringing a sample back to the communities that represent COBRA.  She indicated that there are many women who would benefit from this.  The pads are simple enough that they can be made with a sewing machine or they can be made by hand.  They are also designed to use materials that are available in this remote area of Uganda.

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