Friday, March 14, 2014

Business, Beads & Bees

With a 7:15 pickup I was off to Kasese to meet with Department of Education officials.  The Head Teacher Robert & I had an 8:30 appointment.  Because we were taking the public taxi, it is a bit more of an adventure.  It will pick up and drop off people along the way.  Many more people in the car than seat belts.  There was a supplementary charge to the regular rate because I got the front seat (with a seat belt) to myself.  The cost for both of us was 20,000 Ush or about $8.00.  Robert travelled about 55 km and I travelled about 30 km.

After the meetings we did some shopping for the school in Kasese.  It is a busy, dusty town.  We had a respite at the Jambo Café that I had read about before I left.  A good latte and oatmeal cookie was a treat.
Typical street in Kasese
We picked up a huge speaker that was being repaired.  It is used by the performance band.  We, well not me, had to negotiate the ride home.  For both of us to travel 55 km and a 3’ x 4’ speaker, it was 40,000 Ush or about $16.00 – once again I got the front seat!
Back at the school I got a bit of break for lunch and then we started in with the bracelet and earring making. Well it was a frenzy.  It is so much fun when everyone wants to do something.  I am bringing home some of their treasures – you’ve been forewarned.  This weekend they are going to make a new batch of beads and then probably by Thursday they will be ready to make some necklaces.  Any money that is made from selling the items in Canada will be sent back to the student as well as being used to replenish supplies.
Nelson & Wilson were back from the apiary today and are very excited about the honey production.  I will be bringing some back to share.  If you make the toast & tea, I will bring the honey.  Proceeds from the sale of honey help fund the school.

Gideon (teacher), Wilson (COBRA), Nelson (COBRA) and Robert (Head Teacher)
Back at Farmland and the mountains are beautiful tonight.  I have the weekend off now and will be spending it in Queen Elizabeth Park.  Time for some re-charging and hopefully sending you photos of amazing animals.

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  1. Dear Barb:

    Great reports! And what amazing pictures!