Saturday, March 22, 2014

This and That

There are many stories and photos that did not make it into the blog.  I am sure there are more than a few that are temporarily forgotten and will come to mind when I am back home.  I am now in Entebbe.  A day of rest before the long journey back home.  This will likely be my last post unless something amazing happens on my flight home - here are a few final snippets before I talk to you from Victoria.

The Truck

PODA purchased this truck for COBRA about 1 ½ years ago.  It has been instrumental in helping the project move forward.  They hire the truck out for hauling and it is also used to transport students and the band.  They have developed a good maintenance program for it and the profit they make helps fund the school and other COBRA projects.

A Nursery

They have started a small nursery at the school.  They will be selling coffee seedlings at the market.  It is part of the agriculture curriculum to maintain this nursery.  Perhaps they will start growing seedlings for cocoa trees!

The Student Council

When I met with them the things they asked for shocked me.  They wanted clocks for the classrooms so classes could run on time, garbage cans for the school grounds, sports equipment and mosquito nets.  What a group.

Putting up the new clocks

The School Secretary

Sharon is a former student of the school and is now the school secretary.  She is great and is always wanting to learn more.  She is eager to increase her knowledge on the computer and does a million and one things every day to help the school.

The Map

The pink line running vertically on the left side of the map is the Uganda/Congo border.  The pink dot on the right of this line is where the school is located in Lhubiriha Mpondwe.

The Land

It was easy to just gaze out at the land here.  The Kasese region, mainly near Bwera and the school can be quite lush and green, especially during the rainy season.  Any of the areas next to the Rwenzori Mountains get a bit more rainfall.  This is the gorge where the chimpanzees live.  I was happy to take a photo and forgo the hot and steamy hike.


I couldn’t resist – this was on one of the chalkboards in the Senior 3 classroom.  Beautiful!

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