Saturday, March 8, 2014

Arrived in Kampala

Well I think they say trains, planes & automobiles, swap out ferry for trains and that just about covers it.  I arrived safely yesterday (Friday) in Uganda, via London and Addis Ababa.  Upon arrival at the Entebbe airport, my luggage was nowhere in sight.  After filling out a multitude of forms, my bags were located in a separate area with 'PRIORITY' stickers on them.  Hmmm.... I was very glad to see them!

It was great to have my feet on the ground and arrive at the hotel.  After a hot ride into Kampala, the evening cooled off with a nice breeze.  It was exactly as I remembered.  The early morning brought sounds of the call to prayer, the roosters crowing and then the babies crying.  The Sanyu Babies Orphanage is located directly below the hotel.

Below are photos of the beautiful sunrise over Kampala.  I have spent an enjoyable morning talking with fellow travelers and should shortly be met by Rodgers who will be taking me to Solar Sisters to pick up the solar lanterns.

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