Monday, March 10, 2014

Kampala - was that only yesterday

I ended my time in Kampala with a visit with Simon and then dinner with Katherine Lucey from Solar Sister. I also connected those two as Katherine is often looking for electricians.  The drive out to Bwera went without a hitch.  A quick stop at Katara Lodge to visit fellow Victorians Jim & Martha, was a great way to break up the long day.  Jim also mentioned he was looking for some solar lightening so Solar Sister will be getting an email.

We arrived at Farmland Resort around 6:00 pm and I was spent.  They had dinner for me and all I could manage was unpacking, a shower and a quick call home.  We only lost power once but hey I have an abundance of solar lanterns!
I woke to a beautiful downpour which was so refreshing.  I drank a very good cup of tea on the covered porch before Nelson picked me up at 8:00 am.

The school looks great and I talked to many, many people today.  I learnt a lot about how the school is running, what is working, the challenges and the dreams.  Time was spent planning the next two weeks with everyone stopping by the office to see our big chart.  A welcoming ceremony, a tour of the grounds, a plethoria of questions and finally a ‘see you tomorrow’.

Looking across the garden to where they have built a teacher staff room

Robina, Gideon & Nelson trying out the lanterns in the office with the lights off and the door closed
We had fun numbering and labelling the student lanterns which we will be giving out on Thursday.  We have a few thing to pick up at the hardware store tomorrow to facilitate hanging them for using and hanging them for re-charging.

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