Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Meet the Teachers

A little about the school name.  Originally it was called Bwera Vocational Secondary School (BVSS) but when the school went to get its official license this name could not be approved as they are no longer allowing ‘vocational’ and ‘secondary’ in the same name.  The new name is Mpondwe Lhubiriha Secondary School – a mouth full – MLSS will work.  Mpondwe Lhubiriha is the more exact area where the school is located.  There are four grades at the school, Senior 1 to Senior 4, which is like our grade 7 – 10.

I have had a chance to talk with most of the teachers, a few more to go in the few days left.  Their names are sir name first, followed by their given name. 

Mr. Thembo Lazarus – Literature & Religious Studies

Lazarus has taught at the school for 3 years and at another school for 2 years.  He is a widow.  His wife passed away from lung cancer in November 2013.  He has five children and his eldest daughter Catherine goes to school and is in S1 (grade 7).  Lazarus has an education diploma.  Lazarus is also the Health Master so he is responsible for monitoring the mental and physical health of the students.

Mr. Mwanamwolho B. Jophes – Kiswahili & History

Jophes has degree in Education from the Ugandan Christian University.  He is married and has two children ages 5 and 2.  In addition to teaching, he is also Director of Studies.  This position entails liaising with the administration and teachers to ensure adequate teaching materials are available.  It also involves creating the school timetable and co-ordinating all government exams. 

Mr. Masereka Zebedee – Agriculture – Senior 4

Zebedee was once a student of Gideon, the Deputy Head Teacher, when there was a small school in one of the hill villages.  There was a cholera outbreak at that school about a year before PODA built the current school.  The school was closed and it was combined with the school that is now MLSS.  He is working part time at the school and also works as a pastor at the parish church in his small community.  Zebedee is married but has no children yet.  He has a diploma in Education.  He has six siblings at the school so teaching at the school also allows him to see his family.  He recognizes the benefit he received from the school and is grateful.

Mr. Kule Francis – Agriculture – Senior 1/2/3 & Art

Francis was a student at MLSS and after completing Senior 6 he has returned to teach at the school.  He lives in the area directly surrounding the school and lives at home with his parents and six siblings.  He enjoys teaching agriculture because of its practical nature.  He has a dream of the school owning a small farm where many agriculture skills, from crop production to mechanics, could be taught to students.  He enjoys teaching the students art history and when possible to do creative, hands on art projects.

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