Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What's Cooking

Nelson and I started the day fashioning a solar cooker from an old tire, recycled cardboard, some aluminum foil and leftover glass.  In addition to all that Nelson does as a Director in COBRA, he is also a full-time park warden in Queen Elizabeth Park.  His job is to be a liaison with the communities that live within the park.  He wants to bring this stove idea to them to test.  Today we easily got the water hot enough to use for tea or to make beans. 

The idea came from this you tube video:  I hope this is the correct video - these are very difficult to download with my slow internet connection.

The school is using this energy saving stove that was researched by PODA on their last visit in 2011.  This information came via Joint Energy and Environment Projects (JEEP)  When using the stove it takes 75% less wood and it can be made for free as there are no special materials required.  This is the cookhouse that is used to cook the food for the student meals.  They receive lunch and dinner at the school.  Previously they were using the traditional three stone fire for cooking.

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