Sunday, March 16, 2014

Born to be Wild

Today we covered a lot of area looking for wildlife.  The deer, antelope & kob are abundant but the hilarious warthogs are difficult to photograph.  As soon as they hear you coming they quickly take off zigzagging away from you.  It made me laugh every time.  I felt like yelling 'I didn't want to take your picture anyway!'
We found a number of places where a great many baboons were hanging out.  They seem quite tame but I have been warned that they are not that friendly.  This guy kind of looks like an old neighbour of mine. 
We came across elephants in a few areas and this one was actually backing into the bush to get away from us.  They can go quite fast in reverse.
The water buffalo are also out on the plains since the rainy season has started and they don’t need to just hang out by the bigger bodies of water.  This reminds of me of Fairburn Farm in the Cowichan Valley – a little bit of home. 
No luck with the lions this time.  A good reason to return. 

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