Wednesday, March 19, 2014

In the Dog House or Just in Hot Water

We started the pop bottle lighting project today.  I had thought the dog house was a mud hut but it is actually clapboard.  We wanted to make it was dark as possible to show the best effect of the pop bottle light so we started using any paper we could find to cover the cracks.  I think the students thought Madame Gordon has finally lost it!

It wasn’t lost on me when Nelson climbed into the dog house to see how well the one bottle lit up in the space.... I let Robina (his wife) know what it means 'to be in the dog house’.  Later in the day when the COBRA Board of Directors arrived they also got a demonstration.  Many of them were also happy to climb in.

We also showed the Board the solar stove made from a tire.  Today we were able to get the water to boil.  They are going to take both of these projects back to their communities to implement.

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